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August 14, 2014

Part one in a series.


The Rise Of The Gamelord

The time has come, my gamers. Now, in the era of the next-gen systems and the power of the PC, our time has come at last. As the games get stronger, so too do our ranks. As the frame-rates increase, so to does our might. It is time, my gamers.

It is time to rise up and take back what is rightfully ours from the non-gamer, from the casual and from the fair-weather gamer. From the parents who tried to once limit our gaming to the jocks that think Madden is a game. Rise up!

Rise up and we shall win, but our battles will not be fought in the streets. They will be fought in the mmorpgs where we will have home turf advantage. They will be fought in YouTube and when the world sees our Let’s Play videos they will cower in awe. They will be fought in the message boards where our cries, our words and our threats of rape will drown out all who try to silence us.

Our generals will roll over all who challenge our might. Our celebrities outclass and out game theirs. From the great Pewdiepie in the west,to the Angry Video Game Nerd, Angry Joe, The Irate Gamer, The Anger Filled Gamer, The Mean Mad Gamer, The Upset Game Man, Pissed Off Pete, The Pissed Off Gamer, The Mad Gamer of Angerland and the Real Angry Boy in the east.

We will no longer be subject to their rule. We will no longer be subject to their invisible gods and evil femnazis. The only god we worship is the game. The only friendzone we will belong to is our own: our “friend-zone“ of gaming friends.

A new dawn draws nigh my fellow gamers. I envision a world where we are no longer judged based on the content of our character but upon our Anime avatars we use to represent ourselves with online. I envision a world where a man’s worth is not measured in his strength of muscle or charisma, but in his speedrun scores and completion percentages. I see an Xbox in every home and a PS4 in every school.Every child will grow up to game and game better than the generation before them until we, my legion of gamers, become the most powerful gaming force this universe has ever known.

Now rise I say gamers. Rise from your games, and let us play for the ultimate achievement of all. I am here to lead you to the new golden age. For I am the Gamelord.

Let’s Play.