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January 12, 2015

Dumb Old Idiot Rupert Murdoch Gets Twitter Hashtag Shamed


Notorious grumpy boy Rupert Murdoch, who is 83 years old and the CEO of Fox, has a Twitter account. That really should be the main headline here. What could this old dude possibly gain by using Twitter? Gotta build his brand, get exposure, etc. Anyway, he used his Twitter machine (that’s what you get when your a multibillionaire, a separate machine for each of your social networks) to tweet this unsurprisingly ignorant statement.

Now, who knows Rupert’s screening process for what he tweets. Is he the one actually typing that in. Maybe on the toilet? His throne? Maybe those two things are the same for him? Or there was a roundtable discussion involved? Whatever the process, it’s astounding that people who are in the public eye are still tweeting/saying/shouting from scratched up minivans “Muslims need to _______”. It’s 2015, we should have left that stuff in the past. But also, because it’s 2015, Rupert was met with a huge Twitter backlash by celebrities and huge masses alike. Most notably, sensible comedian Aziz Ansari led the way by pointing out the obvious logic problem in Murdoch’s thinking, that all Muslims be held responsible for the acts of a few.

Then, Ansari started an obligatory hashtag. Who knows if Rups knows what “trending” means or if he knows how to check his ‘notifications’, but sometimes starting a hashtag is the best we can do this day and age.

The hashtag is currently trending, so the right side has at least won the battle on the Twitter front. Ansari continued his anti-Murdoch rant after that. Here are a few choice cuts: