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January 25, 2015

Sex can be fun, it can be dangerous, but it doesn't have to be confusing!

I’m not an expert on the subject, but having had sex three times, I can say I know my way around a sex bed. These tips are meant to increase your chances of having better sex and more often, as you can tell for me, this system works!

First and this one may seem simple but to have a good sexual experience you should have a girl involved. I know some of you may say what about same sex sex?! Well, while I have no experience with that, these tips may also be applicable. Having a girl (or guy if you choose) is 100% necessary if you’re both going to enjoy this. I tried it by myself a few times but it’s just kind of messy.

From my experiences, beds make a pretty good place to have sex. I’ve heard in movies and TV that some people have sex in cars, I don’t know how thats possible, so as a beginner sticking with a bed may be your best option. They’re soft, horizontal and are bouncy which you’ll learn how that’s a benefit later.

Now this one came as a shock to me. While your genitals or privates must be outside of your clothes, that doesn’t mean you have to be totally naked. It was embarrassing my first time when I stripped down immediately in the girls mud room not realizing this wasn’t the process. Don’t fall for the trap.

While we all enjoy a good meal and while that may be a good way to warm up that office co-worker, that doesn’t mean people want food to be involved in your sex. I repeat, no food in the sex process. There’s a lot of jostling, moving and horizontal bouncing so even hand friendly foods seem to fumble around in the process and can be kind of distracting.

So there’s what I’ve learned from my experience. Also get tested for STDs, it’s better to be safe, I know I had a few scares in my day but I always get tested immediately after which is why I like to plan sex dates at 3 in the afternoon so I can make it before the clinic closes at 4 P.M.

Now you just need to find someone to have sex with. Ask that office co-worker on a date and get frisky. Enjoy. And be safe!