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August 13, 2008


Well figured I should give an update on things with me and stufffff.

I now am only working 1 job which is making life much easier, I must say.

I also have grown a beard almost like those guys from 300.

O I didnt enroll for college this time around from lack og wanting to be there and me pretty much not giving a damn.

My cell phone still doesnt really get a signal at my house. I called and told them and the answer I got was tough luck were sorry.....damn companys and their way of having money and me not having money.

I recently gave up all hope that I will ever have a chance to date that chick from Paramore...I am just too much metal is going to be my excuse instead of...shes famous and Im Nathan a guy who isnt famous.

Now the big news and I should have told people earlier about this.....me and Dan are pretty much not Talking anymore, their is just somethings that will never change it will seem, and you just gotta deal with that in life.

Me and Cody.... from the (Beater Bros videos) hes my brosif from a different mommy vag and Ive been wanting to make some videos with him sense I bought a camera butttt, thats been hard to do but, I do hope to record some new shit with the two of us here soon.

I really dont know what else to say its not the end of an era at all if you ask me, and Cody isnt a filler in, hes been around sense the start, I guess its just one of those things thats hard to put into the right words.

Hope to keep making you laugh soon or to make you hate me more. Either way Im doing something right