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January 28, 2010


I Found a Sport Hero I Can Admire!


I know it’s not always wise to SPAM here, but I did after all promote Corner Gas as a great Canadian comedy series that made me laugh without the use of a laugh track. One of you actually went out and purchased a Season Set in order to give it a whirl.

That’s refreshing!

So, given that a lot of sport’ heroes have let us down recently with their steroid revelations, their gun play and/or their carousing, I would like to present to you a sport hero worthy of praise and recognition.

Yesterday I was listening to 590 THE FAN from Toronto when one of the segments focused on an obscure Blue Jay relief pitcher named Dirk Hayhurst. This twenty-eight year old career minor leaguer had finally broken into the Majors. But, as I soon found out this was not his only claim to fame. You see, Dirk Hayhurst is a writer and a good one at that. 

While riding the buses in the minors, Hayhurst kept a journal that documented the trials and tribulations of his life on the road. He eventually turned these ramblings into a newspaper column and a book. A book that Bob Costas calls:”Hilarious, poignant, a really enjoyable read.”

The book is called,”The Bullpen Gospels” and will be out in March.

Listening to Dirk I got the impression that this guy has his head in the right spot and his priorities just right. Here are just a few things I learned about this pitcher.

1.    He ran his own Haiti Relief site through his website and offered prizes of autographed Roy Halladay jerseys in a draw. He personally phoned everyone that made a donation to thank them.

His Twitter account has reached 1000 so he’s running a contest for his personal autographed glove and a ball; the glove he used last season. The catch, you have to send a picture of yourself dressed like the character he has created the “Garfoose”. (Cross between a giraffe and a moose)

3.    He and Bucky Martinez are shopping a children’s book featuring the Garfoose.

4.    Dirk is also a very hilarious public speaker as can be seen by the sample video on his site.


5.    He included his family struggles in his book as he came from a home with rampant and chronic alcoholism.

6. He said this. "Baseball is what I do, it's not who I am!"


Anyway, you can see this all for yourself at his Website. And, it’s just a click away.




My challenge to you is: Are there any sport heroes left? Who are they? And why are they worthy of our respect and adulation?