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Published: September 17, 2008
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So... I got bored and wrote haikus... about board games.

Uh... Enjoy?


Life is a tower,
blocks pulled one by one.
Someone shouts, "Jenga!"

Almighty dollar.
shoes, dogs, boats... rat race!  Not me...
I got free parking.

Greedy hippos eat.
Monstrous teeth gnashing, chomping.
Hey, that's my marble!

Cone shaped men, round heads,

Alike except for color.
Sorry! It's racist.
Diver jumps, cage falls,
Caught like a mouse in a trap.
The cheese is cardboard.
Soldiers know the key
To global domination:
Lock down Australia
I won at Scrabble
Your life? Meaningless,
Unless you can die in those
Millionaire estates.
Name all the muppets?
It really is a pursuit
of the trivial

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