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Published October 04, 2011

Yeah i hate my life and everyone hates me. Yeah everyone in my area thinks am gay. All my friends that a ladies will never bang me, i have no job because am a vegan and there is only cook jobs around here where everyone eats meat, Am into art, i like music no one around here has ever heard of and i hate pop country music with all my hart, i don't hunt or ride dirt bikes, i don't work on car, i look like a hick but i don't want to be one so they think that is gay, i don't work out so no am not hitting up the gym bro !, Am a pot head and they think hippies are gay around these parts, i have a lot of family around these part that have a bad rap so these people around here think am like that and they think that is gay, i have gay friends both men and women and some are even black ( because i love everyone ) that i hang with every now and then, an the hicks around here think that really gay. Am not into wigger sh*t so they am gay. i don't drive a truck so that makes me gay. i don't like to hang out at the same bar all the time so that is gay to them. Not really into fist fighting for fun anymore so that makes me "gay" An a whole lot of other sh*t that am not going to get into because you think am gay. Like what ever you all you need to f*ck off an just do you boo. An no am not gay because i am not happy at all what so ever in anyway what so f*cking ever by God. So no am not gay but i wish i was. So someone anyone for the love of God get me the f*ck out of this sh*t whole ! F*CK MY LiFE ! Take a shot for every time i say think  and yeah i think i will get you drunk yeah i think so o yeah i think. because am a thinker or so i think. So i think it's time for shots or so i think. Yeah i think so.