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March 06, 2010


Hey everybody, very short, hot, spicy, and hopefully - well RED BUG BLOG today. I had to put something new up because - you can only take Canadians and Canada for a few weeks at a time, Ehhhhh?  You Betcha...!

I'm getting ready to indulge one of my favorite guilty pleasures today; there's a big crawfish boil in town and I am SO READY - it's been a long winter Cher', I'm tellin' fo TRUE!!!

Hmmm HMMMMM!! Don't this look Good?!

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout! All I need is this and a roll of paper towels and I'm in bidness! Oh, maybe a couple of purty Gals to flirt with and show-off my "Head Sucking Skills" to, if you know what I mean... I'm just sayin'..

Now that picture above is what I wanted, this picture is what I got, times two..

Not bad for $10 I suppose, it's early in the season and some were a little small but they WERE hot and tasty, I probably had 3 lbs all totaled. The beers were $2 a can, and icy cold. The only thing missing was the Zydeco music and Abita beer; oh well, Louisiana's only a few hours away and it's almost Festival Season.

So how about you? What's Your Guilty Pleasure(s) ? Does anything set your lips on fire?!

I hope you have as Hot a time as I'm about to, enjoy Y'all!