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November 09, 2010


        In what head coach Mike Shanahan is calling "a routine scouting of available talent", the Washington Redskins today worked out a number of free agent quarterbacks, including former first round draft bust Ryan Leaf and the ageless Jeff George. This comes on the heels of Donovan McNabb's benching against the Lions, however Shanahan is quick to point out that there is no connection between the two.
        "This is what good football teams do," Shanahan insists. "Our job is to evaluate who's out there, see them throw a few passes in practice and possibly have them come in and start on Sunday. That Jeff George has still got a cannon."
        The Redskins had previously held workouts with perennially inept former Bills quarterback J.P. Losman and a hopelessly out of shape Jamarcus Russell, whose cardiovascular endurance could only be called into question when, after throwing a few balls, he demanded a roast beef sandwich and a Sprite and then took a short nap on the field's soft grass.
        "We look at anyone," Shanahan explains, "anyone who's ever thrown a football or even touched one and thought about throwing it. We had Rich Gannon in here, Randall Cunningham, we even had this guy Ted Boggs who works for the team as a ball boy toss a few around, and you know what? He looked pretty good out there. So we'll see what happens."