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November 21, 2010

Opinions/constructive criticism wanted on a short satire piece

I'm a developing satire writer (also new to this site) and I would really appreciate opinions from a seasoned comedy crowd (properly flattered) on a recent short piece:  "Would you make a good Angel -OF DEATH?"  most of it is in the form of a questionaire.  Here's a sample question and multi-choice answers:

Have you ever struck another person with intent to harm?
1. No, of course not!  I don’t like these questions.  Where’s the link to Icanhascheezeburger?
2. Nightly; shooting, stabbing, tire-ironing, running over hookers -GrandTheftAuto counts, right?
3. Only children.  I am a nanny.
4. Only minorities.  I am a policeman.

That gives you a decent idea of the flavor.  It would probably be abusive to put the whole thing here, so I'll just provide a link.  Please let loose with all the constructive criticism you have. (if this is the wrong way (or page) for me  for me to do this please let me know.  I will send appologies via hooker-gram; it's like a telegram, but waaay more satisfying)