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June 21, 2012

TMZ posted a 96-minute sex tape featuring Ted, who's new movie opens this Friday, along with former daytime TV-star, Lamb Chop.

Universal is reeling today after TMZ posted a 96-minute sex tape featuring Ted, the title character of the studio's new comedy opening nationwide tomorrowThe sex tape also stars former daytime TV-star and beauty queen, Lamb Chop.

TMZ reports that Lamb Chop's once-lover, Charlie Horse, sent them the tape, which depicts Ted and Lamb in various stages of inebriation and copulation.

The most provocative segment occurs at minute-29. After Ted freebases, Lamb Chop forces him to put on womens' underwear, yelling repeatedly, "that's all you got? Come on! I have a fist up my ass!"

Ted claims he was conned by the sheep-sock, whom he called a "bat shit crazy whore." "Lamb told me it was an experimental thing she was going to send to Lars Von Trier," Ted told Hollywood Leek.

"She was a star at the time, and had a lot of power in this town. So when she said 'edgy-sexual' was my type, as a struggling actor I believed her. I had no idea it would come back to haunt me."

The couple is also seen in the video using a whip, a cactus and hot soup as sexual aids. Mark Wahlberg is apparenty refusing to stand by his co-star, and recently issued this brief statement: "Ew. Just...Ew."