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Published: June 16, 2010
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Well the contest wasn't a total bust.  Thank you all for participating.   The results of the #1 contest are listed below.  Now it's time for #2.  If you can, pass it on to others.  Again, thanks to all.

Results for Mcmingey's first ever contest are as follows:

Honorable mention
- John Candy was excellent!

amydesu- And yes his nipples are amazing!

Rhiann0n- I would really like to hear what his bellybutton had to say, well maybe not.

Shadow88storm- I am just happy you shared something about yourself.  Thanks!

GiseleNoel-  (Ooops she did it again) Yes she did!

3rd place
- (Two and a half men...and a girl.)  That is very accurate.

2nd place
- (sucked that stone right outta me)  I bet it was a biggun!

1st place
- (She squirts when menstruating.)  I am now kinda turned on by this chick after that comment.  Thanks a lot!

Mcmingey's daily caption contest #2

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