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August 28, 2008


Beteen my jr. year and sr. year i worked a summer job at a gas station near my home, it was august of 1969. the year we sent the first man to the moon.

one night two guys came in and asked if i knew of some place they could camp. no i didnt but they could come home and stay with us. i called my parents and asked if i could bring a couple of guys from texas home. they said of course and mike and steve came into my life.

mike and steve were from dallas texas, and they had spent the summer of 69 (the summer lof love) driving around the country working and experiencing these united states of america.

Actually they had only experienced half of america since they had not been to much east of the Mississippi,  but it WAS A REAL DREAM TO ME. They came home with me and spent the week in knoxville Tn. and a few days in Dandridge, where i still have a home.

Long story short they asked me to come home to Dallas with them, and my parents acquissesed. so  I took off  to Texas with these two guys in a Volkswagon bettle with no back seat. , of course,Im in the back.

we got into Texas and we were going to be in Dallas the nexrt day when we got in a storm. Now iv'e never been in  a tornado befor, but we were getting warnings on the radio.

I feel asleep sometime during the night and i was awakened by an uneasy situation. when i woke up it was pitch black.  I couldn't see som thing outside, but there was a noise like a freight train bearing down on me. i could see Steve and Mike asleep in the front, and all of a sudden lightening flashed. Outside the car I could see a being floating  at the window. i had never been so scared in my life ( i was only 16) and i started to scream, theres something out there. Mike and Steve woke up and said whats wrong. i yelled again theres something outside.

About that time there was more lightening and again there was something floating outside the car. It looked like something with a silver helmet. lightening flashed again and there was an apparition floating next to the car. This time all three of us screemed. At that moment the lightening came again and the appirition was gone. Then it sounded like a freight train went over us again. then everything went black.

After a few minutes Mike says "did you see that". "there was something flying outside the window. I said , yea i saw it , it looked like an alien. Steve said , yea i thought so too, what the hell was that.

 After we calmed down, i looked outside and saw a guy laying next to the car.  Seems like he was following us down the freeway and a tornado passed over us. Mike had stopped under an underpass to get some sleep and when  the storm passed over this guy pulled up beside us  and  he grabbed the door handle to not be sucked away. this is where i woke up and saw him floating nextr to the car when he had actually been lifted off his bike. this poor guy was holding on for dear life while we were screaming like little girls. well we got out, got the guys bike up ands tooled down to the next exit where we got off and had a cup of coffee. this poor guy was scared to death that he almost died in a tornado. and we thought we had an encounter of the first kind.

Aint youth grand.