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January 18, 2009


I figure I'd start things off with a bang by posting an old video that was once banned from YouTube. I think it will have a safe place here at Funny or Die.  Let me give you a little back story about the video. 

It all started when I made a live appearance on the Today show. In order to help promote the launch of America's Got Talent, I performed the Electric Slide on stilts in front of a confused Regis, Piers Morgan, Brandy, Hasselhoff and Matt Lauer.

Although the judges weren't impressed with my performance, I still posted a clip of it on YouTube. A few days later my video was taken down by a third party. I figured this third party must be either NBC, Regis, or maybe even Hasselhoff. But it was actually done by the guy who invented the Electric Slide: Ric Silver.

As you can see from his website, Silver means business. After blogging about my Electric Slide fiasco, I immediately received several comments from people who had suffered the same result. Silver had single handedly shutdown all videos on the internet that featured "his" dance, including those from weddings, dance recitals and even children's birthday parties. 

My fellow Electric Slide rejects and I rallied around each other. But we quickly realized we were up against a formidable foe. In fact if you visit his other  site (scroll down to the bottom) you'll see that Silver is also the inventor of several other notable dances, such as "Lockin'," "The Weeble," "The Robot," and of course, "Breakdancing." 

In the end Silver won out. It's tough enough to battle the inventor of the Electric Slide, but to also go head-to-head with the same guy who came up with the choreography for "The Robot'? Forget about it.  

But I think it's high time to put the video back on Funny or Die. So here it is. 

Let's see if Silver takes it down again or at the very least accepts my challenge to an Electric Slide dance-off: he on foot and me on stilts. Bring it on, Silver. I'm taking your little pip-squeek Electric Slide dance to a whole new frontier. Three feet high and rising.