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October 20, 2009


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I get it, not everyone shares my love of the healthy eating. It’s all good. I’m far from preachy, but there is a line, and that line is offensive foods in the office.

Luckily, I run around from meeting to meeting… sometimes city to city… so I am spared the day to day annoyances of office life. Today was a rare day that I am here…. Hanging out at good old 120 Broadway all day.   


Lunch, in office time , is usually between 12 and 2pm. Today I learned why the higher ups tend to retreat to the 4 season shark tank during these hours.


My eyes begin to well up. To the left of me… the strong odor of fried fish ( cheap fish) and onions…

To the left.. Indian food…

My assistant… a garlic& onion slice of pizza….


Burger King, Mickey D’s.. It is all here.. at one time…


Problem is I am not exposed to it during my day to day. I tend to eat “clean” . This means, lots of veggies, minimal sauces or spices and absolutely nothing fried or cheesey.

I have spent the last 4 hours battling my gag reflex.


I just feel , in an office environment, is it too much to ask people go light on the onions, garlic and pungent fish?????


I am going to go throw up now… Cheers!