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July 21, 2017

It's every parent's worst nightmare.

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare.

Something mothers and fathers wouldn’t even wish on their worst enemies.

Your grown, adult child is going to Comic-Con.

So how should you respond when your son or daughter—a legal adult—breaks the heartbreaking news that he or she will be dressing up in a full Pikachu costume and attending the multi-genre international comic convention this weekend in San Diego?

We understand your initial reaction will almost certainly be shock and disbelief.

How is this happening to me? Is this really the child I raised?

What will our community think?

Why, God, why?


It will be easy to panic when you find out your child is in this picture. But try not to.

Before responding to your child, try to allow those initial feelings to subside. Then, do your best to collect yourself, and realize these important facts:

While your child may be a total virgin loser nerd, it does not necessarily make him or her a bad person.

While your child technically shares half of your genes, he or she is an entirely different human being with individual agency, and you bear zero responsibility for his or her actions.

Your child is likely going through a phase, will eventually realize the errors of his or her lifestyle choice, and will come back around.

So now that you’ve taken a minute to think things through, give your child this thoughtful, understanding response, word for word:

“No comment.”