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December 09, 2010

If you whine and bitch and moan when you lose this is for you

i'M DRUNK. Just letting oyu know that now. 


I'm sick and tired of fuckers complaining about controllers. Yo fuck your ass. if you want to play bring your A game. stop being a pussy faggot and put up or shut up. fuck your blue shells and your mushroom short cuts. you can suck on my big poop covered balls.

mario kart is for men baby. not for little girls and their vagina mouths. you just keep that mouth shut. staple that pussy closed. closed for business. i will destroy your dick off of your body.

anyway. fuck it. donkey kong isn't the best character,. shut the fuck up. yuor controller is fine. GOD STOP COMPLAINING YOU BABYU. you can turn. you can drive. yuo can use items, so go fuck your grandma. 

call me back when you get an ass.