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September 09, 2008


You know, there are tens of thousands of women out there who go under the knife to pull up their faces, push up their boobs and try any and all kinds of anti-gravitational tactics to keep their hooks into their men...and do so unsuccessfully. You hear the stories of these "happy" marriages that were "fine" until SHE came along. The proverbial "SHE" as in blonder, younger, simply EASIER to get along with. My GOD! There are talk shows upon talk shows that exclusively deal in terms of two or more women fighting over unemployed males who have 4 children with five different mothers...So, in the spirit of inspired sisterhood, how come I've been left holding the bag for the last eight years??? This guy is fairly attractive, gainfully employed and he's rocking the English accent, you'd think at least one of you ho bags would stand up and work some of that voodoo on him! Where, oh where, have the wayward women gone? Could you step it up please?