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Published January 25, 2009
This is a little guide for anyone interested in Senior Discount videos.Senior Discount, Rhode Island's Best Punk Band (as voted on in the Providence Phoenix Best Music Poll two years in a row, 2007 + 2008) has created thousands of fans with their hilarious videos, which have all been hosted at three different streaming video websites:Youtube - - from now on, FunnyorDie.Senior Discount creates three kinds of video entertainment.1. Music/Live videos (hosted at Youtube)2. Full-length episodic videos for the Senior Discount web series (hosted at Youtube, DailyMotion, and FunnyorDie)3. Other miscellaneous videos - interviews, pranks, television appearances, new EPKs, etc (hosted at Youtube)Here at FunnyorDie is the place where you'll find all of our comedy videos/web series episodes from now on.Our web series' from 2004 - August 2006 were located Youtube.Youtube hosts:*The 25th Promo*The 24th Promo*SD/VBW Site Trailer*The Disco Before The Homeshow*Party HardAll our web series' episodic videos from September 2006 - November 2007 are located at DailyMotion.Dailymotion hosts:*Holy Script/Holy Script Outtakes*August 12th Promo*Turkey Dance Film Fest*Death Of A Sorry*R.I. Rock Band Round-Up (Original release)Now and continually, all our web series' episodic videos are hosted by Will Ferrel's FunnyorDieFunnyOrDie hosts:*R.I. Rock Band Round Up (Uncut)*The Birth Of RILODand will continue to host our comedic scripted videos from now on (the reason we have switched hosts three times is because of video-length time constraints).I hope this clears everything up!- Chuck Staton