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July 21, 2011

Sentiment for those luscious and round

Boobs are wonderful
boobs can be bright
boobs can make you smile,
and drool all night

When i think of boobs,
it makes me feel fine,
boobs soft and firm,
i select them like wine

1990 oh what a good year,
firm, soft, and luscious,
it's good not to be queer
1991 oh isn't it fun
jiggly, bouncy, and ripe,
you're almost 21!

I love it when girls jog
and wear a low cut top,
every time i see them,
i hope one to pop out with a flop

boobs in magazines,
boobs in my dreams,
boobs at the beach,
boobs and hair blonde bleached

oh the joy boobs bring,
together we should all sing,
boobs here, boobs there,
boobs bouncing everywhere.