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Chappelle at Oddball 2014 3 by Strati Hovartos.jpg

photo by Strati Horvatos

The audience at the Oddball Comedy Festival’s show in Hartford, Connecticut, on Saturday got a big surprise when Dave Chappelle unexpectedly walked onstage to perform following Louis C.K.’s set. Chappelle’s surprise visit came a year after his infamous performance at the same stop on the Oddball tour in 2013, during which he cut his set short after 10 minutes due to hecklers. This year, Chappelle came back to apologize for acting so immature about the situation and then performed 16 minutes of standup, talking about how it felt to bomb last year and then perform the very next day, among other topics.

The crowd received Chappelle really well, prompting responses from him such as, “Are you sure this is Hartford?” and, “Thanks for not booing me."Check out some photos of Chappelle at Oddball and watch excerpts from his 16-minute set below.

Chapelle at Oddball 2014 1 by Carla Sims.jpg

photo by Carla Sims


photo by Ivan Ceron


photo by Ivan Ceron

Chappelle at Oddball 2014 4 by Strati Hovartos.jpg

photo by Strati Horvatos


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