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February 07, 2010


So...occassionally I read things. Okay, I look at the pictures and guess mostly BUT! I think you'd all actually be quite impressed with my powers of summation. Anyway...Anaconda Hunters. There is a group of people in a jungle somewhere in the world right now seeking out female anaconda's to trap and tag and bring back to wherever the Hell they have a breeding program going on. That's a job! Anaconda hunter! Anaconda Breeder. Why? The other job that I actually kind of like the sound of is "vibrator reviewer". It occurred to me as I was fiddling with my brand new Lelo Gigi (rechargable not my first choice, but there is a "rollercoaster setting", so it's in. Not right now. Later;p), that there is a huge catalogue of sexy photos of all the toys..so somebody took all the sexy pictures of the dildos, and someone else did the graphics and someone else wrote the reviews and instructions. That's quite the job. I'd take it over "anaconda hunter", although I'm not sure how comfortable I would be discussing my career at the PTA. "What do you do, Kelly's mom." "I'm a photographer." "What do you photograph." "Stuff."