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Živilė Raudonienė aka Aksana needs work so here is a list of T.V. and movie ideas for Aksana to be in a.

( Really just put her in anything because she can do it and she needs the work. )

As a hooker in any T.V. show or movie the needs a woman hooker she can do.

She can play a trainer in anything that needs a trainer because she has that stuff down baby !

As a foreigner in any show or movie that needs a foreigner for a role she can do it up.

She would make for a good villain yo ! JUST SAYiN !

Time Cops ( A new show about time traveling cops that work for the UN that must stop any and all time travelers from changing the past. Starring Aksana as Officer Candis Law ( an yes she is single ) who gets gets a new partner ( Both ways ;-) in one Cody Douglas ( John Randall Hennigan ) a man with no fear team up in the sack on in the cop game. But they must keep their love life on the down low so they keep their jobs.)

As a victim of crime in some cop show. There are a shit load of them so she could just bounce around the different shows playing whatever victim role that needs played out you dig T.V. land.

Ancient Greece ( A new edge E Rated T.V. MA show about the Ancient Greece time period. An in this show Aksana will play the Greek Goddess Artemis the independent spirit with the the strength and ability to protect herself from any unwanted attention.)

As herself on 2 & a Half Men as Walden Schmidt’s new GF.

As a serial killer named Ruby Hart “a woman who kills her blind dates because she is f*cked up in the head from being molested as a 16 year old child by a stranger who was never caught so she went nuts over time an as an adult has been killing her blind dates for years now here in N.Y.C."So yeah man Aksana on the CBS show Elementary would be the shit dude.

Aksana as Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers movie that is going to be made soon.

Aksana as the new Lara Croft in a new live action Tomb Raider T.V. show.

Aksana as the new Evil-Lyn in the Masters of the Universe movie that is being made Starring Channing Tatum as HE-MAN yeah that one. She would make for a killer Evil-Lyn for sure players.

Aksana as The Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers in a all new The Bionic Woman movie baby !

Mail Order Bride ( A documentarian named Jacob Skyler funds Kevin Witt a LA mail man’s Russian mail order bride her name Oksana Petrenko ( Aksana ) and she "wants to be an actor”. Jacob Skyler orders Kevin Witt’s bride in exchange for the right to film the experience. But when Oksana arrives in America, she finds herself married to a fat goof ball with a penchant for sadistic rough sex. An so Oksana and the filmmaker become involved with each other as secret lovers because Kevin is a nut case. Twists and turns are plentiful in this tragi-comic love triangle where all is not what it seems Dark Rated T.V. MA Comedy GOLD. Just saying it would be best as T.V. Show. #LetsGetSuperWeird)

Ultraviolet ( The T.V. show based off the movie. A beautiful hemophage infected with a virus that gives her superhuman powers has to protect a boy in a futuristic world, who is thought to be carrying antigens that would destroy all hemophages. Starring Aksana as Violet Song Jat Shariff.)

Judith of Bethulia ( Several centuries before the birth of Christ, Assyrian military general Holofernes was besieging the beejesus out of the city of Bethulia and its Jewish inhabitants until a widow known only as Judith decided something had to be done. Using her feminine charms, Judith worked her way into Holofernes’ camp, got him stinking drunk, then beheaded him. The act deprived the Assyrians of their leader and the army dispersed, sparing the city and making a heroine of Judith. Starring Aksana as Judith. )

Put her in the new Star Wars movie as some kind of cool new space monster or what have you. ( A look i don’t know your figure it out people making Star Wars)

Aksana as Ghost ( You know the Dark Horse Comic Ghost )

The Legion of Substitute Heroes ( Starring Aksana as Night Girl. An go look up Night Girl since you don’t know what am talking about a. )

Aksana as Elizabeth Bathory in the new Van Helsing movie or Blade movie or both. ( She would make for one hell of a a sexy vampyre ! ) “A or just put her on any of them new vampire shows on the t.v. these days”

Aksana as Elektra in the new Netflix Daredevil series.

Start doing stoner comedy movies for a living.

Horror movies ! because someone needs to die in this dang things.

Start stripping in movies as a extra special extra.

The Hitwoman ( Aksana as The Hitwoman Agent Black Fox. Turning a little Youtube series into a full on T.V. Series or movie your call money bags. Go look it up because you could really turn this into something cool if you ask me big wigs. )

Aksana as the villain Zelda DuBois the “Princess Python” in the Marvel movies would be cool gig.

You could put here in that show Haven as a rookie cop named Emily Kerr and in the show she becomes Dwight Hendrickson’s ( her new boss) new GF you dig. Keep the show fresh you know home slice.

Aksana should be on that N.B.C. show Undateable as Shelly’s new Russian bride named Olga and good old Olga here gets a job working at the bar Baby Birds as a bartender \ waitress.Because it’s better to be living in Detroit than it is to be living in Moscow if you ask Olga.An o yeah by the way Shelly is still not getting laid. “Now Olga would get a lot more people watching am telling you !”

Witchblade ( A new live action movie ( or show ) based off the comic book series Witchblade starring Aksana as Sara Pezzini and if you want to know more go read some Witchblade comic books buddy. Because it’s a little much to be breaking it all down for you champ. )

Become a T.N.A. KO ( That counts as acting on a t.v show. )

Hardcore porn ( A man can dream big cats. )

Aksana as the new Xena Warrior Princess.

The Huntress ( A new live action D.C. comic book movie based off of The Huntress vol. 1, #1 (Apr, 1989).
Featuring the Helena Bertinelli version of the character The Huntress. Art by Joe Staton. Helena Bertinelli is gone. She was a facade, masking a great deal of pain. Masking her feelings. Masking her fears. The old facade has cracked. The stoic, the sharp tongue… all broken down to provide fuel for a new self. Helena thought she was intimidating. She couldn’t scare anybody. It’s time to invent someone who can. To confront the ultimate killers, I must construct the ultimate alias. To combat the murderers who would destroy my family, crush my own life on their way to consuming everything. I must become a greater, more fearsome destroyer. To track down the animals who prey on the innocent, I must stalk them first… I am no longer their quarry. I am…the Huntress.Starring Aksana as The Huntress. “Am hard just thinking about it yo.”)

“As a Votan on the Syfy show Defiance. Aksana is playing a loner 32 year old Votan that is new in Defiance under the earth named Dalia Stetter who is here in Defiance from N.Y.C. working in the Defiance Whore House using her good looks and cleverness to get by in life. Born as a dumpster baby she was taking in an she was raised by two old lithuania humans Mr Jakob & Mrs. Kristina Stetter who where living in the time they found her in the trash. An so they raised up Dalia together, but both passed away on the same night in each other arms from old age when Dalia was 18 years old. An so during the last few years of the war Dalia was a nurse for the humans just doing her part in the war you know. An ever since the war ended back then, she has been a drifter living off her slick ways every single day. She has never meet her birth parents. But what she doesn’t know because none of us know this you dig. But Dalia Stetter is the full blooded older sister of Little Wolf Irisa Nyrira,who also doesn’t remember her birth parents. So you got that all going on with with Dalia Stetter working at the whore house as one slick little sexy bitch. Starring: Živilė Aksana Raudonienė as are sexy little Votan just like Little Wolf is you dig. Now that would be classic ! Yeah see !” ( Just do this for me Defiance )

( I will think up of something real good later but that is all for now good day. An just remember with a little help from some hair dye meany roles can be done my friends.)