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April 06, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #37

Introducing: "BARBERSHOP BALLADS" featuring "the world famous SPORTSMEN QUARTET"
(many of you have speculated that these were all albums that I own, in the case of this one, that was once true)

The Super-Crazy Obscure Reference Award goes to:
"Do it for me one more time, boys ... Aura Lee!"

6. Who invited the buzzkill?

5. The Sportsmen found their table for bridge.

4. Her body language indicates she's been abducted.

3.3. Gee, I wonder what the gigantic barber-pole by her head is supposed to represent.
3.2. Gee, I wonder what sort of sport The Sportsmen excel at.
3. The guy on the left has no hat to designate him as the sole homosexual.

2. The acoustics of Sharons vagina gave the Sportsmen Quartet a much more polished sound.

1. After giving her a bikini wax, they decided to remove "Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair" in the interest of accuracy.