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October 25, 2008


Mike here. 

The first film I ever attempted to make was a mockumentary about our family's win on the family feud (1978)?  Anyway, it was a pretty crappy effort.  I recently watched it on VHS and salvaged this little gem of a song by Marty.  We wrote it on the spot several years ago in Seattle.  By "we", I mean Marty made it up on the spot as we recorded.  One take only with me feeding him a couple verse topics.

Before we lost the VCR remote, my son Owen managed to program the VCR so that all tapes display the counter on the TV set.  Thanks, O.

Hope you have a chance to watch it.  Some of the jokes are references to the actual episodes.  If I can get the original tapes from my Mom, I may explore it again someday.

This one's for the family.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers.

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