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June 09, 2016

Brothers. Tommy and Dick are great people and very kind and generous. I first met them while they were performing at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel and Casino in the early 90’s. I was working on my radio show at the time. I was getting ready to do an abstract comedy interview with Tommy and one of the questions I had to ask Tommy was; if he were a Martian and came down to planet earth for the first time, what would he do and where would he go? Well, Tommy didn’t exactly know how to answer the question. His brother answered it , but Tommy looked at me as if I were the Martian. That kind of bothered me and I wanted a chance to explain to him more about my style of comedy. But when would I get another chance? It so happened that Jimmy Caesar was having a little party at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel. I knew a lot of stars would be there but I had no idea that Tommy Smothers would be at the party .Jimmy Caesar happened to seat me in the front row dead center to the stage. The first one up to entertain was none other than Tommy Smothers. He looked at me in silence for a few moments which seemed like hours. Then he proceeded on with his monologue. After he was finished, he pulled me aside and asked what type of interview I was doing. It was hard to explain to him, but I did my best. Ten years passed and I saw him again., this time at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. I still wanted to try to explain to him why I did that interview the way that I did.I had a friend with me as we watched him perform. I had produced a CD from the old radio interview but never had the chance to give them a copy. I had the CD with me and felt that now was my big chance to give it to them in person. So off we go to try to sneak backstage with the CD in hand. We were able to sneak backstage to their dressing room and caught them in their underwear. I said “Excuse me, guys, but I have a CD for you.” Tommy looked surprised to see me. He said to his brother, “Look! It’s the Spaz!” (which was my radio name at the time) Tommy came up to greet me and gave me a hug. We gave him his CD and said thank you for giving us your time and will see you later. We then left them alone so that they could have some peace.