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October 21, 2011

"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed -- be it ecological, social, demographic, or a general breakdown of civilization -- will be unavoidable," Václav Havel, a Czech President said once. Unheard Voices Manifesto by Roman Latkovic offers that hope.

Have you ever looked up into the starry sky at night and tried to count all those flickering stars high above your head? Sure you did, at least as a child; after all, humans are blessed curious minds capable of tackling such enormous questions like, “what is the purpose of life?”

The sun zips through the cosmos in an astounding pace of 483,000 miles per hour, every minute of every hour of every year and it takes a full 225 million years for the sun to make a trip around our Milky Way Galaxy, while rushing through the Universe altogether with about 100 billion other stars. And a human, that infinitesimal blink of a divine eye, that fragile creature made of water, bones and dreams has the incredible ability to ponder the vastness of the Universe and the spiritual power to find a place in it all, not at all insignificant but as rightly here as the stars.

Unheard Voices Manifesto by Roman Latkovic


Mass-media mind-numbing products have encouraged the simplification of culture that resulted in a dubious glory of an instant fame à la American Idol, MTV and People magazine. While the media acts as a chicken soup for the masses, “Coca-Cola” and "McDonald's" provide much needed sugar rush for poor. The TV creates even more addicts and balls them all up in a messy amalgam that is our mindless, lobotomized nation characterized by a horrifyingly weak intellectualality, and even more so, emotional numbness.

How else to explain Anna Nicole Smith’s tragic fame? A stripper met a billionaire 63 years her senior, marries him and gets fat. That’s all that it takes to achieve a staggering fame in the America of the 21st century. Another incomparable example is the ubiquitous Paris Hilton who was a barely known “ whatshername actress when her sex tape emerged on the Internet in 2003 and voila! since then the nation is gobbling up every bit of stupidity media could scoop up from her blonde platter. Suck it up and grab the nation by the balls. This is the reality we have lived in for decades! How the moronic celebrities of today would fare in comparison to those from the past when the people like Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong or Mohamed Ali had some merit in the media world?

America has been fixated on O.J. for most of 1994-95 during the, “Trial of the Century” and was fixated on him again recently with his Las Vegas crimes. The century in question has also seen a Nüremberg Trial, the trail for the war crimes the Nazis committed during the World War II in which about 72,000,000 people have died. But does this really matter in comparison to a football star’s Bronco chase? Once retired from sports, O.J. successfully prolonged his fame into the fertile soil of media crimes inflicted upon our brains and our souls.

How Far the Collective Madness goes?

People are dying in a corporate wars that one religious fanatic waged against other religious fanatics only to have his insanity replaced by the insanity of a new corporate tool, "a saviour" that now wages six (6) wars, all paid for by our blood and money; while billions starve all over the world; at least one genocide is ongoing somewhere in the world at any given time; 200 million children work as slaves all over the globe any given day; nearly three billion people in the world live on less than two dollars a day; and more than 30,000 children die each day due to hunger or avoidable disease.

Do you need a better understanding of this number? During an average Seinfeld re-run episode in length of 30 minutes 600 children around the world will die due to the poverty and hunger!

A typical American child watches 24 hours of TV weekly and during that time 28,800 of her or his peers around the world will perish. A million girls work as sex slaves only in Asia. Over a million kids in the U.S. run away from violence and rape every day. And thanks to the primitive media tidbits we’re served around the clock, we are more concerned about Paris Hilton’s new haircut or humiliating police stings at airport toilets that ensnare disingenuous politicians than about any of those persecuted children.

There is more of the humanity in one single Mozart’s tune than in all Congressional decisions combined. Should we really let those cold, money-grubbing, power-hungry, soulless shells decide matters of life and death?

The most famous speech in the American political history is titled “I Have a Dream” and guess what? Its author, Dr. King was assassinated just other dreamers, like John and Bobby Kennedy. The message is: “Don’t you dare to dream!” The corporate cubicle needs you focused, the ammunition manufacturer needs you sharp. Let us kill the spirit; let us kill the soul, let us enslaved the mind by propaganda and let us have George W. Bush in Kennedy’s place and let us have Al Sharpton speaking for Dr. King.

Do they dream, politicians of today? What are the dreams of the camarilla we still call Congress of the United States? Dreams are not good for business but the war is gift from the heavens made for profits, so draw your own conclusion. They come to the national TV and look straight into your eyes and tell you that, unless you die for their blood money in a war they wage for Halliburton’s or Exxon’s profits, you are Béla Lugosi look-a-like, left wing socialist anti-American traitor. How dare they?

So when you go shopping into the Mall of America, just five minutes from the infamous toilet turn monument of our nation’s pissing pride and you fear that some mutilated kid from Iraq, a country we ravaged with bombs, bullets and torture, would throw a stone over the ocean and harm you. That’s the perverted idea of democracy and promotion of tyranny of fear where you have to dread your government instead of having your government answer for its actions to you.

You sit at your couch, tired after a long day in a factory or a cubicle, afraid that you might lose your job or your house; you sit and munch on your pizza slice and enjoy your Coke or Bud. The TV does not relax you; it numbs you, and occupies you, rallying with hatred wrapped in comical morsels of a quasi commentary. Let us be honest: it is repulsive, today’s media, but it’s fun on a most primitive level, arousing hate and disgust. After all, what the heck does some left wing socialist anti-American Béla Lugosi have to say to us? We have our mortgages to pay, to kids to protect from this pervert’s Internet “invention,” we have our corporate king’s bottom line to support with our blood, sweat and tears so who has the time to worry about the global warming? It is baloney anyway, (just ask Bill O’Reilly).

A Man and the Burning Inferno

But, there is so much beauty in the world, so much strength in a human being. We are unique creatures capable of caring, of loving, of creating art, music and literature. Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”, Proust’s search for the lost time, Mozart’s “Requiem”, agnus dei and need of a human to create despite the pain and suffering. A man is a unique creature, capable of remarkable tenderness and love; it is a being capable to laugh and to dream. A man rushes into a burring inferno and sacrifices his own life trying to save a fellow human being.

We ought not to be helpless slaves anymore unless we accept to be, brainwashed meat that feeds the war or corporate machines; we can speak, we can think, we can yell, we can communicate; they can spy to our talk but they cannot silence us; we can act and above all, we can choose to change. If we do not act to stop the madness of a mindless corporate king and his soulless political serfs ready to sell you out in a heartbeat, the burning rubles of Baghdad would be seen in Los Angeles and the starving children of Africa would be your own.


Aren’t Auschwitz survivor and famous author Viktor Frankl’s words:

Since Auschwitz we know what man is capable of.
And since Hiroshima we know what is at stake.

An ominous warning of what could happen if we are not vigorous defenders of our own humanity?

Humankind should reach the stars instead of killing the Mother Earth; should think freely and to create passionately and love fully instead of being enslaved by the corporate monster, filed with hatred, killing fellow human beings for corporate profit. We want humans to take the responsibility into our own hands and thwart this disastrous course the soulless scoundrels we call politicians lead by corporatism that is swallowing us all. We long to see the day when humankind will be liberated from the enslaving chains of the bloodthirsty propaganda and finally make this world a better place for all living creatures. We cannot be free as a human being as long a single child suffers anywhere in this world we share, as long a single mother starves and has to choose which one of her children she's going to feed today. We cannot be free as a human as long as the wars ravage distant lands and mutilate and kill fellow human beings. We cannot be free as long child slave laborers produce cheap sneakers for our own kids and we do not want to see our children growing up in the world plagued with such a mortal inequality as it is today.

We cannot be free human beings as long as there is a single enslaved, illiterate, hungry fellow human being!