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December 12, 2008


Yay first blog... I guess.

I really should be writing a paper on how I identify myself, in a very psychological stand point. And, am I? Noo. Will I get the paper done in the three hours? Probably not. Do I care? Not really since I'm transferring out of this hellhole and going to another one.

At least, the hellhole I'm transferring to is a bit nicer of a hellhole. They'll take my money with less complications. Another plus is that I'll actually get to be around guys and get rid of the weird habit of thinking, "Is that a dude?" every time I see a man. That'd be really nice, ya know? Just be able to once again somewhat ignoring/ haning out with the male kind. I'd be conent with that. I miss hanging out with dudes. They're a lot more fun than *assumes snotty, higher pitched tone* "... and I asked him if the pepperoni pizza would have cheese. AND HE LAUGHED AT ME!" I don't understand how people can be attracted to idiots like that. I, certainly, am not.

And, sadly enough, that is actually from a girl going to the same school as I am. I turned to a friend of mine, who's a senior, and pleaded with her... I'll give this in more of a script form.

Badger *somewhat scared tone* : Ansley?

Ansley: Yeah, Badger?

Badger: Please...

Ansley begins to laugh.

Badger: Please, tell me that was a failed pick up line... or a failed line for flirting...

Ansley: I'm sorry, hun. I'm afraid that it's real.

Badger: My Goddess, what have I got myself into...

Ansley: You didn't know what you were getting into did you?

Badger: Not. a. clue.

Ansley *pats Badger's head*: It's okay.

Badger: No, it's not! I'm surrounded by idiots whom are in the same class as me!

Ansley: Yeah, the freshman this year are a bunch of idiots.

Badger gives a "Hey?!" look.

Ansley: No offence.

Badger *sarcasm*: Oh, well, none taken, then.

Ansley: No, you're a cool freshie!

AAAAAND, that's just another reason I'm transferring out. So, I can get out while I still can... somewhat sanely.

... I like this font... It's all nerdy. :3 I has a happi!

*lightbulb* I'm going to invade icanhascheezburger.com, now. *places on viking helmet and pulls out a scabbard* INVADE! *types and does so after describing to audience... ctrl+t. In space bar: www.icanhascheesburger.com, laughs at an lol cat, returns back to page*

Okay, I'm a nerd, I admit it. :3 I crochet. I write fan fiction. I read webcomics... I read comics... I.. yeah. But, I'm one of the coolest nerds you could ever meet.

... I has hunger... I has no noms though... I has Ramen, though... But, no want nom on Ramen... Hmm...

Sorry, I go into lolspeak once in a while. Out loud, too. It's hilarious to some people. I'm guessing because I'm usually quite proper with how I articulate, ya know? ... Okay, so you WOULDN'T know because you don't know me, personally...


I'm ending this now.

Until next time, ta ta. (Points for those who can name whom I just quoted from! :D)