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Published April 03, 2011
What goes down faster than a freshmen Chick at a frat party? Charlie Sheen’s Stand up tour! O! (at least the first night Right!) So some one stole my I.D and now they have no life. What do you call 50 people from W.V in one room? A GED Class. What is the similarity between Abraham Lincoln & a ejaculated dick? They both had there Head shot off. Am I man enough? Just give me some whiskey & some Viagra and will make a night of it. Maria Lambert hits it big with (House that Built me”) she should of called it (“the people I fucked to get here”) What busted faster than a Virgin? the show Big Lake Steps to become famous and stay there first step #1 become a internet sensation #2 Get on drugs & step #3 After people stop caring go to Rehab Did you know John Madden made up the saying BOOM!! when he farted while taking a shit? BOOM! NOW that’s WHAT SHITTIN ALL ABOUT!!9 out of 10 women over 40 are diagnosed with Bingo Wings every year. ?