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May 24, 2017

President Trump and Pope Francis find common ground with help of Fidget Spinners.

President Trump met with Pope Francis on Wednesday at the Vatican. As an act of kindness, Pope Francis left Trump some pretty symbolic gifts including an essay on climate change, a medallion engraved with an olive tree, and… FIDGET SPINNERS!

During Trump’s campaign for office, he called Pope Francis “political” and said the Vatican would be attacked by Isis unless he was elected president. The Pope responded by saying Trump was not a real Christian. So, what started out as a somewhat awkward meeting between the two leaders, quickly took a turn for the better when the fidget spinners were revealed.

“They were just spectacular,” Trump said. “I mean really,the things just kept spinning.”

Pope Francis seemed to agree with Trump’s sentiment. “They really do spin quite a lot.”

According to an anonymous senior Vatican official, the two spent the majority of the thirty-minute meeting trying new Fidget Spinner tricks and techniques. “At one point,” the official said, “Pope Francis had two spinners going at the same time, one on each hand, while the President had one balanced on his nose.”

The two ended the meeting by doing the Fresh Prince-DJ Jazzy Jeff handshake, followed by the first three moves of the Macarena.