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January 18, 2009


  Let me just say, thank you for these devices that has saved me gas money by not driving around in circles. I Once Was Lost but Now I'm Found is not just a church song any longer.  I love the voices in my GPS.  I change them frequently because I feel like I have more friends. Sometimes when I  want to feel loved I change it to Victor. He sounds like he actually cares about me arriving at my destination. Then there's Maria. She sounds pissed when I miss my turn. The way she says, "recalculating route" sounds like I ruined her whole day or something. Then there is Claude with a French accent. Sometimes I don't have anywhere to go so I'll input where I'd like him to take me then listen to his sexy voice lead us there. So, this made me think. Maybe they should have voices that fit different personalities. So, here's some I think would be a seller:

Ike the abusive voice for those co-dependents.
"He begins by saying, "calculating route...cause you can't find S***  without me.
Did I say left you F*** B****? We will arrive at your destination in ... when I say we will get there &$%."

Gomer for the not so bright.
"Cacalatin root... turn rite there. in four ah foteen miles you'll see a big tree. Keep a coming;  you aint there  yet."

Margret for the negative personality
"Calculating this extremely dull voyage... If you must continue then I suppose you'll turn right on second street because first street isn't  good enough for your dumb destination."

Janet for the narcissistic personality
"I am calculating your brilliant place of purpose. You will take the perfect right at as always, on tenth street. Turn left on Mcnellie...as if you didn't know that already. Your destination will be blessed with your presence in 12.8 miles."
Ashly for the blonde
"This place is fabulous!.OH- MY-GOSH I actually calculated this super fast this time ok ready? Left hand on green...."

Joe for the lazy personality
"Calculating route...Get your ass out of bed and take a left towards the garage where your car is."

Him for the girl who just got dumped
"Calculating route...cause I'm an a**h***." Turn left on, I'm such a jerk eighth street. You will arrive at your destination about the same time as I bang my head for dumping you."

If you have your own personality voice idea I would love to hear about it.