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Van Helsing 2: Spawn of Darcula 3D ( Van Halsing ( Hugh Jackman ) the notorious monster hunter is sent Transylvania once more to stop the only daughter of Count Darcula and Carmilla who where both killed by Van Halsing but he never killed the daughter and her name is Maria Darcula ( Katarina Waters ) she is the new leader of all vampires races ( being that her parents where the first two vampires ever and all you know.). An the races of vampires that are under her will are as listed. Akashan ( Pure Vampires ), Xotracul ( Vampiric wielders of dark magic ), Lucravian ( Vampires seeking redemption ), Vintridian ( Solitary Vampires ), The Gangrel ( Beast like Vampires ), Magdvak ( Mystically insane Vampires Vantiquador ( Noble, ruling class of Vampires ), Hythenian ( Vampires that are pleasure seekers ), Rahksarlina ( Vampire guards and warriors ), Bashk ( Vampire demon hybrids including vampiric-werewolves ), and the last race Servitor ( Mortal members of the guild of Vampires ) all have a new leader and that leader is Maria Darcula the queen of the vampires. An their taking over Transylvania so Van Helsing and friends must save the town once more a. An on this adventure Van Halsing falls in love with a new monster named Marry Ann Lively ( Susanna Thompson ) she is a only child and when she was a teen her parents Peter Lively and Victoria Lively was both killed by a pack of Bashk vampires and so ever since then Marry Ann Lively has been independently killing vampires as a monster hunter for a living for meany of a years now and she is damn good at it too a maybe even better than Van Helsing himself. An together Van Halsing and Marry Ann Lively save Transylvania from a vampire takeover by killing off Maria Darcula and her vampires for good this time around players. But a lot of people die in trying too do so and some where friends of Van Halsing and others where friends of Marry Ann Lively but as you know pay back is a mother f*cking bitch all you vampires so look out  V ! An this movie is Rated R as f*ck. An yes there will be tits in this flick. But this also could make for a good t.v with a different cast mind you for sure a. Sidenote: Make sure the soundtracks rocks hard for this movie and put some cool slow mo fighting clips in this puppy with some nakedness and all that good sh*t a. Super f in hot sh*t you dig ! An go deep with love story of Van Helsing and Marry Ann Lively so it's all action and Maria Darcula leading the vampire races. By: director Stephen Norrington.  Now that would make it real cool home slice. So get on writers because i just did my part. Coming in the winter on 2014 Van Helsing 2 Spawn of Darcula Rated R.  Even better than the first one because it's even deeper and looks even cooler you will see ! you all will see ! Cult Classic forever and then some here we f in come baby !)  #NowThatsBriskBaby

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