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Published February 08, 2011 More Info »
DTV ( Cody Davis ( Eric Winter ) , A low life slacker surfer dude becomes the head of a major Broadcasting Company ( Davis Broadcasting ). You see Cody Davis was chosen by his outrageous billionaire grandfather Richard Davis ( James Cronwell ) who likes his only grandchild Cody so much that he leaves his company to him after his death from old age. You see Richard Davis has a lot of success with his company over the years but the company isn't doing so well now a days and the competitors are do all they can to destroy the company because they can smell Blood in the Water. So Cody Davis must step in an save the day UHF ( - the fundraiser part ) style if the Davis Broadcasting Company is going to make it in Today's world. So as head of the new head of board around here at Davis Broadcasting he an his staff ( staff made up of real life comedians ) must come up with cool new show ideas to save the day for the Davis Broadcasting company and if could get that ranking up to #1 T.V. Network again that would be great thanks !
 ( you see the Davis Comedy is like FOX or NBC or CBS or the CW or ABC , so they have a mix of things of the network you dig ) rated R.   ) 
" AKA It's UHF 2016 style um k. " 

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