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Cold Marriage ( So this show takes place in the year 2069 in the very futuristic LA. Where two ex FBi agents ( who got fired for sleeping with each other on the job ) are now married as Mr. Douglas Web and Mrs. Helen Web ( with no kids yet but their trying hard ) and anyways they have started up a private detective agency together out of their new home and they call it The Truth Seekers: Private Detective Agency. An each week they take on a new cold case for a new guest star each week. An they funny thing is that these two got into the FBi because of cold cases. You see when Helen was in high school Helen's older sister Miss. Tiffany Williams was a 21 year old high school drop hard partying drug addict alcoholic who went out partying one night on 420 in the 2050 and his been missing ever since ( and no one knows where she is at to this day so who knows if she is alive or die. ) and as for Douglas when he was in high school his older brother Jay Web was a 21 year old senior in college who went to a 420 party in LA in 2050 ( the same party Tiffany was at ) and has not been seen since. ( An yes Douglas and Tiffany are both from the LA area but didn't go to the same school just so you know. ) Anywho that is what got these two into doing what they do you dig. An so they crack a new cold case each week for guest stars but they still can't crack the case of the the hell happened that night on 4-20-2055 in down town LA. "Leaving endless amounts room to play with in the making of this t.v show. Rated T.V. MA. "An since this is my show idea i'll hand pick the stars of the show for you if you feel like casting them but if you can't get them i don't care who gets the roles. OK so am saying Emy Coligado as Mrs. Helen Williams Web & Lamman Rucker as Mr. Douglas Web. "Sidenote am cool with show being shot in Pittsburgh PA ( just replace the LA stuff i said with Pitt. ) and if you do shot this show in Pittsburgh give me a call about being a guest star because am down. Because am all about this show getting on the t.v.  You dig home slice. So come this winter of 2014 going into 2015 lets get this on the air my friends. Because this is a f in big time hit for f in sure players ! An you know this man ! ) 

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