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August 05, 2010

This is a joke but its actually pretty much a solid description of my email account status

I recently had to make a new Email account, my old one just got too cluttered with shit and spam and I couldn't keep on top of it.

So I started a new one. I've been doing pretty well too. I only subscribe to the Victoria's Secret weekly email, can you blame me? That shit's hot! Well anyway, I'm also pretty paranoid so of course I create a folder with an unassuming name, "Soccer Related" in fact is what it's called.

Well the thing is, I actually use "Soccer Related" to put soccer related emails in there! In fact, if you were to go through that folder you'd see like, Lacy panties, bombshell push-up bras, and an email from my High-School coach... 

I'm pretty concerned about when someone does find it... Thats gonna be hard to explain.