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April 17, 2009


Today I went to"Spanish Class", aka "The affair I am having with my high school boyfriend Tyler". I met him at  Koyi Sushi Bar  (so fancy) and had salmon sushi for the first time since college (Brian thinks sushi is pretentious, even though he drives a 6 series BMW while I drive a mini van). I couldn't stop eating it! It was like butter if butter was made out of fish flesh. When the bill came it was $168 dollars!! That's more than I have saved in the secret bank account I keep from Brian. Tyler picked it up and said he had this cause "it's business". "What business?" I asked. Then he took me to Graves Hotel 601 and said "This business". Instead of giving in to the obviously awesome situation that was about to happen, I just started crying. I was instantly overwhelmed. It's hard to enjoy sex with a hot successful guy who likes you when you know your kids are staring out a window waiting for you to rescue them from a house that smells vaguely like rusting metal. I was prepared for him to slowly back away, most guys can't handle when women cry, but he sat with me and just let me cry. He didn't even try to pull a "it's going to be ok" on me. He just held me. Then he started crying. He admitted it was too soon to be doing this, but he misses me so much and just wanted to be with me, not at a restaurant or in his office. It was so sad. And really sexy. But also sad. But sexy too.