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November 16, 2010

From http://www.icommentonthenews.com

From http://www.icommentonthenews.com.

Baltimore resident (for now) Lauren Rymer is holding a hunger strike outside the state capital to bring more attention to the human toll of foreclosures.

Lauren’s story, from WBALTV.com:

She claimed she doesn’t live beyond her means and sought help after the property taxes on her home went up 55 percent in the past couple of years.

The taxes are paid with her mortgage bill. Rymer said when it jumped from an affordable $1,500 a month to $2,100 a month, she couldn’t keep up.

Rymer also wants a few minutes with Gov. Martin O’Malley to discuss:

Everyone that’s being affected is a human being … are people that want to have a home, and that’s why they bought homes,” she said.

A few observations.

1) $1500 is affordable, but you’re being foreclosed on at $2100?  Allow me to translate into real life terms: affordable = paycheck to paycheck, with enough left for Wednesday nights at Sizzler.  Live in a smaller house (which you’ll do, someday).

2) You needed to save an extra $600/month to stay afloat.  Perhaps you should’ve started the hunger strike a bit earlier.

3) You want to meet with the government about your financial incompetence?  That’s like going to Dina Lohan for parenting help.

To be fair, Dina would probably suggest that you stop eating for a bit.