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March 24, 2017

A duty free liaison fostering employee relations and goodwill, said Davis.

Man At Work Suggests A Suggestion Box, Goes Nowhere.

AKRON,OH–Brad Davis, a phone closer at Stuloan,LLC noticed employee concerns were continually put off,or unmet by management. ‘A chaotic mess, he said. No proper channels were in place.’

This led Davis to suggest a suggestion box. ‘Handwritten. Ready to go’,he said.

‘First I went to Tim,[team leader] who was like,we’ll talk about it later, get on the phones. Next I tried Tamera,[sales manager] who was on a conference call and asked why I wasn’t on the phones. Later I ran into Tim who didn’t recall our conversation, but said to get back on the phones. Then I went back to Tamera but she had stepped out.’

‘After that it just sat on my desk. It’s underneath all this paperwork somewhere.[Rummages desk] I don’t know where anything is. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.’