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February 12, 2010


Advertising of major brand products have bombarded us with the idea that male enhancement is possible.
These commercials will try to convince you that this is perfectly normal. They tell you that male enhancement pills are perfectly acceptable but do they realy make you happier?

Many people look for ways to improve the bag of goods they were provided with by nature or GOD.


They look to improve the way they feel about themselves by changing the way they look. It is part of the commercial stigmata that we all need to fit a particular image.

The truth is that none of us are perfect and none of us look perfect.

There is something about our physical condition that all of us feel inadequate about. Perhaps we feel like we are too short, or our eyes are the wrong color.
Some of us become so wrapped up in the concept that we must change our physical attributes in order to be accepted or appreciated that we are willing to do anything to improve our condition.


There are millions of dollars spent every year on plastic surgery and enhancements procedures that are aimed at improving our image.
What these surgeries are actually trying to improve is our self respect.
If we come to the conclusion that we are trying to improve is our self image and not our physical condition then we come to understand our true desires.

However this does not mean that male enhancement pills or other image changing procedures do not have a place in society today.
There are practical applications for these devices. What is important is that we realize that by utilizing these procedures and pills we are not going to change our self image.

Often once a person uses appearance modification surgeries or medications they find they are still not happy with whom they are.
Using male enhancement pills is fine as long as you realize that it will not make you a better lover.
It may provide you with some sexually associated benefits but it won't change the way you make love.

If you desire to use methods to improve your physical condition then you should realize that inside you will still be the same person.
Being physically enhanced does not make you more of a man.
However male enhancement pills have been proven to work and have also proven to provide an increased sensation to both the enhanced individual and their partner.
Using these pills can provide some very real benefits but don't expect them to change who you are.

Everything you've been told about male enhancement pills is DEAD-WRONG!
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