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July 24, 2008


Hey. Why don’t we go for a walk? It’s such a nice day and we haven’t taken a walk through the woods together in ages. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Great, I’m glad you’re up for it.

Wow, look over there! Rabbits! They’re cute, huh? This is already a lot of fun. In fact, this whole week has been fun, hasn’t it? Me, writin’ blogs. You, readin’ them. I really appreciate you doing that, by the way. I know there’s a lot of blogs out there and it means a lot to me that you took the time to read mine.

Gee, every time I come out here, that old oak seems to have gotten bigger and bigger. I wonder how old it is. What if George Washington was once lookin’ at this very same tree? Shucks, I feel like I’m talkin’ too much. After all, you already heard me blab on and on about myself all week, and not once did I ask you anything about yourself. How are things for you? What’s new? Hm?

Oh golly, what would make you go and ask me a silly question like that? Of course we’ll be together forever! You didn’t think I’d just pop in here and blog for a week and then take off, did you? I mean, only a real heel would, uh, would…

–oh wow, aren’t those daffodils pretty? The way they just shine in the sunlight, it can almost bring a tear to your eye. What? Oh no, they’re not really making me cry. I think the wind just blew some dirt into my eye.

Listen. We must be getting close to the river. You can hear the sound of the water gurgling and bubbling and flowing along. I’ve always thought of that as a real peaceful sound.

Why look over there, more rabbits! Why don’t you see if you can get close enough to pet one? There you go, you’re getting close! Don’t keep looking back at me, or you’ll startle the rabbit. What? I told you, it’s just dirt in my eye. Yes, I promise I’m watching you! Just see how close you can get to the rabbit. I bet it’s got real soft fur. There you go! Now just keep pettin’ that rabbit ... you’re not going to feel a thing … No, I didn’t say anything! You must just be hearing the river! And I told to stop looking back at me! Just keep petting that rabbit … just keep petting that rabbit … they say you won’t even hear it com—