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June 15, 2009


Not really, because when given a choice between "funny" or "die," "DIE" is just funnier. Right now, more people want me to DIE because of Gwynnie than think I'm "funny," and I'm kind of okay with that. Out of over 1,100 hits, only 100ish voted, and a slight majority of that 100 or so want my head on a fucking spear. That's only about 6% of all those people who saw it, so I'm cool with that many people totally fucking hating every ounce of my being.

In other news, I shot a sketch yesterday. I literally hunkered down in my basement, by myself, tried improvising a sketch, failed, wrote and memorized it, shot it alone on a tripod like a scary, weird hermit, and did the tiny amount of required editing. As a result, I came out of the experience having no idea if it was any good at all. I've shown it to a couple of people, and it's getting a mildly positive response. I know I came up with one memorable line, but one person whose opinion I respect didn't like it, so now I'm wondering if posting it would be a terrible, terrible idea.

We'll see! You'll find out once you see a second sketch on the page and then tell me to DIE.