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Published April 08, 2009 More Info ยป
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Published April 08, 2009
EVEN GOOD BOYS SOMETIMES DO BAD THINGS. DEPENDS ON WHICH BRAIN IS ENGAGED.... INNOCENCE LOST IS THE MALEEQUIVALENCE.From Gerhardguffaw.....and the winners are:Honorable mention:sonnydown: The Tit Offensive!(Remember, the breast offense is a good defense,or is that the other way around. Maybe I should look at that picture some more)westsideslant: I've got a "Helmet Law" of my own in mind...(I'm thinking of a couple of laws I'd like to break)3rd Place:lizardladyfla: They're Bosom Buddies(With buddies like that, who needs enemies)2nd Place:JoeLeeThree: Then my alarm went off.(I think my alarm got bigger)1st Place:buttermilk: Leaving the barn, I realized I'd been robbed.(Maybe it's just me, But I laughed out loud when I read this)