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July 17, 2017

Acting is a tough nut to crack.

All I’ve heard in the past 15 hours has been “Ed Sheeran was in Thrones last night!” and “Hey did you see Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones?”and “Did you see the guy that played Ron Weasley in G.O.T.?” Well the answer is no because I don’t have HBO and the Reddit streams were all screwed up. But that’s beside the point. I get it! He’s a stud! A rock star! A symbol of hope for red-headsall over the world.

But guys, Paul Giamatti was on Hawaii Five-0 last night. Why does no one care? He is God’sgreatest gift to humanity. The Sideways star was in the show for just a moment as a Hula Dancer at Danno’s daughters’ birthday party at the Waikiki recreation center. But it was fucking brilliant. A type of genius acting we haven’t seen on screen since Pacino’s Scarface.

There’s no reason that Giamatti’s Oscar caliber cameo should be ignored and overlooked just because the guy who wrote Photograph was in the ‘Not as Good as Harry Potter TV Show’ for 2seconds.

It’s a sad day whenever an A-list celeb like Giamatti gets overlooked for handsomer, younger, and more in shape celebrities like Sheeran, but it’s always good to give them what they deserve, even if it comes a day late.

You’re welcome, Paul.