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May 12, 2015

Famous Leeroy Jenkins Viral Video Turns 10 Years Old, Reported By Someone Who's Never Seen It


This is a post letting you know that the famous “Leeroy Jenkins” viral video that depicts some World of Warcraft gamers getting ready to do a video game battle in the most nerdy way possible being interrupted by one player running into the battle screaming “Leeroy Jenkins!” very loudly is now 10 years old! The original video has been viewed more than 43 million times and is known as one of youtube’s first popular memes.

I personally have never seen this famous viral video and only have the most vague awareness of it being a thing. I also don’t play Warcraft. So I’ll take a look now and give you an honest reaction of the “Leeroy Jenkins” Video from the perspective of someone who is seeing it for the first time in 2015.

1. Before I watch the video, here are my top three guesses as to what “Leeroy Jenkins” might be about:
-I thought maybe it’s outtakes from a local mattress store commercial called something like “Leroy Jenkins’ Mattress World” and the commercial ends with the spokesman saying “Come and get a great deal on a mattress before..time’s up! Let’s do this: Leeeeeeroy Jenkins!” but the spokesmen keeps messing up the line and then curses a lot.

-It also could be a video of an eccentric worker at a sandwich shop who is famous for doing an overenthusiastic call of customers’ names when their sandwich is ready. This sandwich shop employee is kind of a local celebrity. Everyone knows him and enjoys his antics but Youtube made him a star after he called out the name “Leeroy Jenkins!” after Leroy’s sandwich was ready.

-Or the video might just be a live news story where a reporter is out in the community talking about the weather or interviewing people about their plans for 4th of July and someone drives past the live report, full moon out their car window, yelling “Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!” at the top of their lungs.

*I was wrong on all counts

2. What is funny about it:
Oh man I can see why this was a hit: Random Yelling. The number one thing that creates a popular saying is how random and how loud you can thrust it into pretty much any situation. Look no further than Chappelle’s Show quoting as proof. In fact, Chappelle’s Show quoting was probably happening side by side with Leeroy given the time frames. So when I was in college screaming “Fuck Yo Couch!” across the quad in that special obnoxious way that only a college kid with a hemp necklace can achieve, there were probably very similar but different groups of college kids screaming “Leeroy Jenkins!”

3. What is not funny about it:
What I don’t think is funny about it is I don’t understand any of the lingo. And when I don’t understand something, that makes me angry. And when me angry me have no fun. I didn’t realize that such an in depth math discussion could take place over a video game, but what the hell do I know? I’m the definition of n00b.

4. Where do I plan to randomly yell it out from now on:
Once a great meme happens you want to spread it to the rest of the world by screaming it whenever you walk into a room. I missed out on the first 10 years of knowing about Leeroy Jenkins, but I plan to make up for that by screaming it a lot for the next 10 years.

I think the ideal situation for yelling this meme is when you’re out to a kind-of-nice dinner with a group of friends. I’m talking the type of restaurant that charges $15 or more for a hamburger. And you all are trying to decide what bar to go to after the dinner is over. After a long but pleasant discussion of the best places in the area, the group can’t decide between Bar 1 or Bar 2. You excuse yourself to the bathroom and then, upon your return, you find them still discussing which bar the group should go to so you grab your jacket and sprint out the door yelling “All right time’s up. Let’s do this! Leeeeeeeroy Jenkins!” and all your friends laugh along with everyone in the bar and, probably, everyone in the world.