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September 21, 2009

My honest opinion on the Real Mature Singles dating service.

When you get older it can be scary to play the dating game. You're not in high school or college anymore. A lot of your friends you used to run around with are married now. Can you still go out and find somebody special in the over-30 crowd?

Romance was challenging enough as a whipper-snapper! Speaking as a mature woman (yes I'm officially in "cougar" territory) I find I'm better equipped than ever to handle those moments of awkwardness. I know what I want, and I'm experienced enough to cut to the chase, or at least discern when I'm barking up the wrong tree.

The problem I'm finding as a maturing single isn't so much the sweaty palms and shyness of my younger years as just finding compatible dates who I can trust.

I tried a ton of online dating services but figured out they're pretty much all a waste of money. The only service I found I liked is Real Mature Singles, which isn't really an online dating site. It's a more traditional match-making service souped-up with all kinds of online features.

I still haven't found that one special person to settle down with, but I now have a much wider field of men I feel more comfortable getting to know. And I'm definitely turned on about dating again! XXx OOo ~Candice