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September 26, 2009


So...I understand that it must suck to be Randy and not Dennis Quaid, but you can't take it out on innkeepers by partying like you're 17 years old, and it's 1984, and it's "cool" to skip out on your tab. The internet has made the world much smaller my former friend, and you can't just dress up like a chick when you're the mayor of Cleveland any more or video yourself and your wife snorting cocaine with a hooker in a hot tub without some kid in New Zealand jerking off to your antics on Youtube. The world has changed. What hasn't changed is CRAZY! I'm sorry dude, but your wife is either extremely high or batshit crazy or a hint of both! When you get released from prison for one crime, you don't immediately go out and shoplift a can of spray paint for the purpose of vandalizing property with a rant about your ARRESTING officer. One of the only ways to get out of certain charges is to have the officer fail to appear/testify, so ticking him off further isn't really your best bet. By the way Evi, spitting your gold tooth at someone doesn't constitute offering a bribe! Just saying. Is court ordred rehab free? I hear they have great burgers there that don't cost 10 grand.