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Published December 01, 2013
R.I.P PAUL WALKER BY JOSHUA PROCTOR     We say goodbye to Paul Walker the best way we can.......with a mad lib! We will review what happened last night with all of the underline words being movies/shows he was in! Who knew that his death could be so fun?!    Here is the Timeline of what happened the night of Mr.Paul Walker Death. Around the late Hours of last night Paul took a Joy Ride  around the town of Plesantville. He was going 2 Fast 2 Furious yelling out his window "Who's The Boss?" That's when his Vehicle 19 lost control and he was then Touched by an Angel. The news came to a shock to his lifetime friend Noel  who Paul always said "She's All That" about her. When asked about Paul she said that he was "The Young And The Restless". She also said that The Skulls of Paul are for sale if there are any Takers please call Charles. She said "Charles in Charge of Paul's body." He will be put Eight Below the ground as he takes the Highway To Heaven. We have the Varsity Blues  about his death. I'm so upset that I am Running Scared to my nearest Blockbuster to find the last copy of the smash hit Tammy And The T-Rex before they are all sold out...................................Flags Of Our Fathers          R.I.P THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS-FAST & FURIOUS 7        PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE JOSHUA'S POINT OF VIEW:   FOLLOW JOSHUA ON TUMBLR:   FOLLOW JOSHUA ON TWITTER @TODAJETS