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September 11, 2016

Looking for that perfect gift for your piece of shit loved one? Look no further, we've complied all of their favorites into one gift set!

‘Basket of Deplorables’ Gift Basket $66.66

Looking for that one stop shop for your fearful and angry loved ones? Look no further! We’ve compiled all their favorites into one beautiful gift basket! (Mein Kampf not included, as they already own a copy or two.)

  • 6 Pack of Busch Light: Great for keeping those whistles wet while yelling vulgar, racist, sexist and uneducated remarks!
  • Can of Cheese Whiz: Why the fuck not, this is America right?
  • 1 Pair of Jean Shorts: Acid wash denim with a fray, perfect for the race track!
  • Revolver: 6 shots of pure bliss! Hell, try it on yourself!
  • 1 Confederate Flag: A great companion piece for your favorite Trump/Pence yard sign!
  • GED: We’ll pretend you did the work and earned it! Pretending is FUN!
  • $100 Gift Certificate to Old Country Buffet: Rally up the troops and pack on some calories, you’ve got dead horses to beat!
  • Ann Coulter: Yes! We used Wayne Szalinzki’s infamous shrink machine and shrunk her down to the size she makes every non-white, Christian person feel inside! Non-stop hate on the go!
  • Anti-Science Spray: Is some nerdy fuck pontificating factual and relevant information around you? They won’t be after you hit them with this! Contains arsenic, sodium cyanide, batrachotoxin, tabun, ricin, and Putin urine. (Seems ironic with these chemicals, but trust us, you won’t care.)

This deal won’t last forever! Act now for the end is nigh!