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August 22, 2017

Do you bopdoo, brodude?

The new sensation surfing the nation, from the fast waves of Virginia Beach, to the monster crushers of the California Coast, is living the Cowabunga Lifestyle.

Like sk8er and hygge life before it, many people have some trouble fully understanding what the Cowabunga Lifestyle is and whether it’s right for them.If you’re looking to take the drop into the Cowabunga Life, check this list of totally tubular attributes. If you do at least half of them, SURF’S UP!


This guy is living – and LOVING – the Cowabunga lifestyle!

  • You like to have a year round base tan
  • You flip the jerk up on a regs regs
  • You love the feeling of sand between your toes
  • You already own a wetsuit, because they are expensive and soon you will be jobless
  • You kick the front on the wags
  • You had a poster for “The Endless Summer” in your dorm room
  • You have a strong exoskeleton to protect you from shark attacks
  • You wordskip toe bogart
  • You can speak to dolphins and have come to a shared understanding of dropping into waves in a “zipper” pattern
  • You bopdoo brodude
  • You have a California driver’s license. You don’t need to live there, you just need the license.
  • You card the floop
  • You like mixed drinks and never think they’re “too sweet.” Or being generally okay with Carona works too.
  • You were kidding about that “base tan” part. You always wear sunscreen. Skin cancer kills.
  • You sklerp the tobogganing
  • You watched that Beach Boys documentary everyone was really into for a few weeks
  • You sink that wayah
  • You nose the toesnoes
  • You like wearing flip flops, but understand they don’t give good ankle support
  • You flim flam the jim jam
  • You think “cowabunga” is a fun word!

Talk about the Cowabunga lifestyle!

Now you know if you’re ready to take the plunge into that sweet, sweet Cowabunga life!

Surf’s up!