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June 24, 2010


Personology Helps To Determine The Hidden Potential

Those born during The Week of the Empath (June 25–July 2) are capable of knowing the deepest emotions of others. For them this sort of cognition is not mental but comes directly through being able to feel directly what others are feeling. Consequently they can be quite convincing and make good salespeople. Contrary to what is often thought about those born in the Month of the Domesticator (June 22–July 22), they are not passive individuals at all and when roused can become quite aggressive in fact.

Personology Of Few Well-known Faces

Looking at the notables born during this week we find the visionary Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, cycling legend Greg LeMond, journalist and novelist George Orwell, pilot and creator of The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupery, track superstar Carl Lewis and heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, Romantic philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, country singer Gretchen Wilson, political firebrands H. Ross Perot and Emma Goldman. All of these highly persuasive yet sensitive individuals showed the aggressive side of the Domesticator.

Personology Suggestions

The principal challenge to all of us during this week is to empathize with others, to truly listen to what they have to say and if possible to sympathize with their problems. On the other hand, we must also strive to keep our aggressive impulses under control, particularly when roused to action by an insulting, insensitive or uncaring remark.

Putting our nurturing side to good use will be rewarded, particularly in personal and social endeavors where adept use of psychology can bring benefits. Our persuasive abilities flower at this time but must not be used to try to convince others to do what they really do not believe in.

Personology gives you an overview of a person that helps you to predict the impulses of that particular person easily resulting in better understanding.