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May 10, 2009


I can't go a day without humiliating myself.

 I wore pants today and unfortunately didn't flash my vagina as I got out my 2-door Yaris. Therefore, this week, you have the pleasure of reading my high school poetry that I luckily didn't burn as I once promised myself.

Today's poem was written January 11th, 2000 during Algebra 1 class after my friend Mara and I got into a fight during lunch. As I reread it, I'm starting to think that maybe I had a lesbian crush on her or maybe my parents were secretly drugging me with hallucinogenics.

It's titled "The End of the Magic" with the "The" part of the title added in later.

As the pink rose petals slowly fall,
And the innocent sunset comes to an end,
Another rotation of the Earth has ended,
As did a beating of my heart.

I may never see the crystal dew in the grass again,
Or the diamond stars in the sky,
But when I close my eyes and reflect,
The memories revive themselves and live!

You can take our moonlight.
You can take our horizon.
You can even take our friendship,
But don't take the memories.

Our memories when we rode on a cloud,
When the silvery water touched our toes,
When we were partners like the sand and the ocean,
And when we would sprinkle pixie dust on ourselves.

And though day becomes night,
And summer becomes winter,
As I relive when we flew so high,
All I ask is that you don't take that away.