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September 30, 2009


Should anyone care. If you take the time to check out someone's page/vid/comment or add yourself to their list of followers should it be reciprocated. Is it like bartering?, a mutual exchange of commodity?
Respect for popularity, credibilty for laughter, something for something else?
Is it arrogant if someone doesn't reply? Especially the so called faux-celeb pages?
I challenged Tiffani Amber whats her name to cap on the main page to prove that most celebs weren't just putting a profile on the site just because it was the done thing and that she was real. Have I heard or seen anything..Nup nada not a bean not a sausage, not even a piss off..Yet most of these celeb types expect us plebs to watch some of the absolute tosh that they serve up on here and comment to i guess feed the ego or qualify the existence of their "Star Status" by showing their realness...ie not appearing in a hollywood feature. Remember people at the end of the day we are all human beings most people aren't any better than anyone else. This also goes out to some ,not all(because there are some responders) of the people who are building their vid popularity, remember you aren't famous yet, so don't disappear up your own ass until you earn it. If you want to be real then be it don't pretend and just jump on the celeb oh  aren't i so great i hope people think i am as great as i think i am bubble...
Tickety boo...